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The Difference Between Hockey Specific Skating and Powerskating

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

So you're looking to improve you or your child's skating... Where to begin?

Lets start with the difference between Hockey Specific Skating and Powerskating, and how that difference can help you separate from the rest.

Hockey Specific Skating Vs Powerskating

Although the two are similar, there's a crucial difference when looking into the depths of each one's meaning and values. One of the issues today with skating is the lack of game related advice. It's easy to get caught up in specific techniques and forget the overall goal: BEING A BETTER PLAYER. Unlike general powerskating, hockey specific skating relates everything back to the game. After all, if you aren't improving in the game are you getting the most out of your training? Or even worse... Your money?


The term "powerskating" is often used when working on one's skating. Although all skating advice and work leads to learning and slight improvement, it's easy to forget the purpose of the work you're putting in. The goal can be forgotten and the connection to the game is often lost. Worse, there seems to be a negative connotation to the term. When bringing up "powerskating" players often groan or moan, recognizing the time likely won't be very enjoyable, but is seen as a necessity.

Hockey Specific Skating

With Hockey Specific Skating the focus is apparent in the title. Although the idea is to improve skating, the main goal is to become a better hockey player. The skating is simply a vehicle used to do that. What's the point if it doesn't correlate to the game? Better yet, this type of skating is often seen as "fun" and "enjoyable" to work on. Players can relate to the concepts and see how it will make them better when it counts. Enjoying the work and seeing the relation are crucial pillars to getting the most out of each session.

So... What Should You Choose?

Although there are similarities, when choosing one or the other we suggest you look deeply into the core of what the program is based around. What's going to make the biggest difference when it counts? When the lights come on and the crowd is out is when hockey specific skating makes it's biggest appearance.

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